Tuesday, 16 September 2014

New Blog Design!

As you may have already noticed I have a new blog design. Woo hoo

I didn't want to rush into getting my own design done at the start of my 
blogging journey as I wasn't sure if I was going to stick to blogging but here I am nearly three months in and I thought it was about time.

So big thanks to Hayley from Tea Party Beauty link to her blog here

After much backwards and forwards over fonts and such...(sorry Hayley) 
we are finally there.

So what do you guys all think?

The Big Make-up Tidy and New Storage

So after the 10th time of not being able to find the blusher that I was looking for or rummaging through my make-up draw for that new mascara that I knew I bought the other day I though it was time to get a bit more organised.

So this is what I started with, my collection has gotten bigger in the last few months, with I blame on blogging and all those lovely reviews of products that I now need so
 ddesperately in my life two minutes of finding out about them!

As you can see it is all just thrown into a beauty box bottom that use to hold all my make-up but I could no longer see anything that I had.

I decided that some of the oh so famous Muji storage would be for me, I ordered a few and this is what I ended up with.

At the back I keep all of my blushers, then it is concealers and two cream eye shadows, then it is eyeliners and then onto face powders, highlighters and bronzers.
To the side I have foundations and BB/CC creams and primers and then some of my lipsticks.

I also was able to free up another draw too

In this draw I have all my palettes and mascaras and lip crayons.

As you can see this is so much better to see what I have and it encourages me to use different things when doing my make-up. I am going to buy a few more of the muji storage boxes to finish off but I feel that this is a great start.

What do you think? What is your best tip for for sorting out your make-up collection?

Pam x

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Favourite Things Thursday - Part 9

So another favourite for you all this week and the thing that I have been loving this week is

So I only around half way through season two but I love this show a lot and I am trying to get through the seasons as quick as I can.

This is what is said about this show

Welcome to the Hamptons, a glittering world of incredible wealth and privilege, where
 smiles hide secrets - and nothing is colder than revenge. It's easy to see why the 
Hamptons are so exclusive. But no matter how guarded they are, they can't keep the
 truth out forever. Meet Emily Thorne, a sexy beauty hell-bent on a mission of revenge. 
When she moves in, everyone wonders about the new girl, but she knows everything
 about them, including who they are and what they did to her family. 
Years ago, they took everything from her. Now, one by one, she's going to make them pay. 

When it comes to revenge, money is no object, because only an eye for an eye will ever make things right. Emily's main target is Victoria, a powerful and cunning woman who holds
 the key to Emily's past... and perhaps her future. As we flash back and forth
 between the past and the present, Emily tries to ignore ties to her old life.
 Whatever the danger, Emily refuses to be distracted from her mission.
 When everything you love has been taken, revenge is all you have left.

I think it is a great concept for a show and keeps me gripped to my TV.

What do you all think? What is your favourite show at the moment?

Pam x

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Boots Haul with Seventeen and Lee Stafford

Lee stafford

So I had put myself on a spending ban as I am due to have a weekend in London at the 
end of the month and I have a few things I would like to pick up while I am 
there which are more on the high end. But I needed to pick up a 
wide tooth comb (that was my excuse anyway) and into Boots I went and this is 
what I came out with!!

So I got the wide tooth comb and in the hair care section I came across this Lee Stafford Hair Treatment. I have heard a few people talk about this and as I really want
 to grow my hair longer I thought I would give it a go. 

I have only tried this once so far. You are meant to use it for 5 minutes after 
using shampoo and before your normal conditioner.

The texture of this is a lot thinner then you would think it would be so don't do what I did and grab a handful thinking that it was going to be a thick substance and 
drop half of it in the shower tray!

So I will keep you updated on how long my hair gets :)

The next thing that I really wanted and have been eyeing up for ages and that was 
this lovely thing, it is a Cheek Stamp Blush from Seventeen.

I have picked up the shade Blushing. These are fantastic and a really good idea. 

It is a round sponge with the blusher at the bottom and you place the sponge pad 
into the pot and it picks up the blusher and you stamp it onto your cheek.
Now this is great for me as I tend to get blusher in all over my cheek instead of just on the apple. This sponge is just the right size for my cheeks and it is a lovely shade too. 
Once I stamped it on I did look a little like Aunt Sally from worzel gummidge
 but once you blend it out it is fantastic.

Also the packaging is beautiful and has a little mirror on it.

I also wanted to pick up the False Eye HD mascara, I haven't had the chance 
to use this yet but will keep you updated

And if you bought two items you got this for FREE!!


This is the Black Lash Mascara and I have used this once and it gives a very 
natural lash and I quite like it for normal days.

So for a girl on a spending ban, I think I did really well.

I am now off to get all the colours of cheek stamps....

Have you tried any of these? If so what do you think?

Pam x

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

What's on my Bedside Table...

So I thought I would give you all an insight to what I keep on my bedside table. 
These are the things that I feel I need close to hand and therefore 
keep near me on my bedside table.

I do keep a Hand food, Heel genius and Hand Maid by Soap and Glory 
which are quite self explanatory

So the most important thing to me is lip balm. As you can see I have two. 
First one is of course vaseline and this one I use in the morning or any other time 
of the day if I am near it. 

The second one is the Reve de Miel and this one is what I use at night time. 
Just before I turn in for the night I pop a bit of this on my 
lips which takes me through the night.

Next up is the clear nail varnish by Sally Hansen, nothing more to say other 
than I put this on when I have nothing else on my nails

I also keep a note book by my bedside for all the blogging notes I have to make!

Next up is of course the phone and tablet, the two things that I couldn't live without

Also like to keep a cuticle cream by the bed too, so if 
I remember I can keep those cuticles nice and healthy

 Last thing that I keep on my table, other than lamp and alarm clock is this Mug Rug. I was given it by my Auntie and I love it :)

So I hope you liked a little look into what I keep by my bed, is there anything 
that you think I am missing?

Pam x

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Favourite Thing Thursday - Part 8

So here we are again. This weeks winner is 

I bought this on a whim a few weeks ago and at around £1.50 I didn't mind if it didn't work.

It has the usual doe foot wand which makes it easy to apply.

I has only really tried a sample from Urban Decay for eye primer before .
I used this one for a night out when I had a smoky eye and it did make 
my eye make up stay all night which is unusual for me.

It is quite a thick primer but smooths out very well and doesn't feel heavy on the lid.

So all in all for the price this is a great primer and worth checking 
out if you are looking for a new one.

Have you tried this one?

Pam x

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

LVNDR Haul (Jewellery)

So a few weeks ago Brenda from Brenda Busy Bee here did a post on this jewellery website and I couldn't help to take a look and before I knew it I was ordering all the shiny things!

The website link is here

I love this site, the jewellery is lovely and most of all not that expensive. So I placed an order thinking that at that kind of price it would be cheap costume jewellery.

A few days later my little package turned up and it was wrapped in the
 pretty parcel of purple :)

I opened the package like a kid at Christmas and I was really surprised at the quality of these items. 
I love the bracelets so much and have worn them nearly everyday as I have the ring. 
They are well made and feel really expensive. 

I did have an issue with the necklace in that it broke at the clasp the first time I went to wear it, but I contacted Lvndr and they answered me within an hour and a new one was sent to me along with a free ring which is beautiful. Can't say fairer then that.

All in all I love this jewellery and I will be placing further orders to this site and if you are look for some new good quality pieces then give these guys a go

What do you think?

Pam x

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